The Escape Zone will put you in another place for 60 minutes where you will work together with family, friends and others to unravel a plot, discover clues and figure out the answers to a mystery while trying to beat the clock and escape the room. You will test your skills, creativity and imagination in an attempt to ESCAPE! It is exciting, rewarding and just plain fun!

As part of the game, you are locked in a room. In reality you are not. You can exit the room at any time with the simple push of a button.

We recommend ages 7 and up, however once your child is figuring out puzzles then this is an experience they will enjoy and can participate in. They will enjoy being an active part of helping the group find their way out! Everyone works together and everyone’s participation is appreciated by the group.

While the experience can be exhilarating, it is not really scary. There are definitely elements of surprise and you will find yourself anxious to solve the next step, but anticipating the unexpected and what might happen next will keep you on your toes!