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Current Scenario – Room 1 

Treasure Of The Rocky Mountains


In 2010 an 86 year old multi-millionaire named Forrest Fenn buried over $2,000,000 worth of treasure in the Rocky Mountains – the only clue to the location of this treasure is a riddle in the form of a poem…can you solve the riddle and find the treasure???

You must hurry…you only have 60 minutes to decipher clues, find codes and complete puzzles in order to solve the riddle, find the treasure and “ESCAPE” before time runs out…DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??? 

*This is a fairly difficult room so if you and your group are up for a challenge then this is right one for you*

Current Scenario – Room 2 

Jimmy Buffett Themed Beach Party  

Come join our beach party where you and your team have 60 minutes to find Jimmy Buffett’s lost shaker of salt. You may not want to leave this tropical paradise once we lock you in…DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!!!

*This is a good introductory room and is not as difficult and intricate as our “Treasure Of The Rocky Mountains” themed room*