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Current Uptown Scenario: 190 Talisman Drive, Suite D7 

Treasure Of The Rocky Mountains


In 2010 an 86 year old multi-millionaire named Forrest Fenn buried over $2,000,000 worth of treasure in the Rocky Mountains – the only clue to the location of this treasure is a riddle in the form of a poem…can you solve the riddle and find the treasure???

You must hurry…you only have 60 minutes to decipher clues, find codes and complete puzzles in order to solve the riddle, find the treasure and “ESCAPE” before time runs out…DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??? 

*This is a fairly difficult room so if you and your group are up for a challenge then this is right one for you*

Current Downtown Scenario: 450 Lewis Street, Suite 3A

1980’s Murder 

The year is 1988 and Airman Carlisle is in town on leave from the Air Force to see his favorite bands, David Lee Roth and Poison. While he is at the concert there is a murder in his apartment complex. After the concert he returns home to find the police in his apartment. They immediately start questioning him about the human limbs that are in his living room. He has obviously been framed and is now in police custody. For his one permitted phone call he has called on you to find the concert ticket stub which will prove where he was during the time of the murder. His innocence lies in your hands.

You must hurry…the FBI is on their way and will arrive in exactly 1 hour…CAN YOU FIND THE CONCERT TICKET STUB AND ESCAPE IN TIME??? 

*This is a good introductory room and is not as difficult and intricate as our “Treasure Of The Rocky Mountains” themed room*